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Kunstführer Schloss Charlottenburg, englisch

Kunstführer Schloss Charlottenburg, englisch
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The Hohenzollern residence is a unique manifestation of the cultural history of the courts. Not... mehr
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The Hohenzollern residence is a unique manifestation of the cultural history of the courts. Not only the splendid interior decoration of the palace with its outstanding collection of French masterpieces, but also the sweeping park with its magnificent buildings, such as the Mausoleum or the New Pavilion, bear witness to a bygone era.

The uniqueness of this ensemble lies not only in the formidable dimensions of both the palace and the park, but also in its distinctive architecture and valuable interior decorations. The magnificent chambers and halls of the palace with their outstanding works of French painting offer a framework within which the shifting cultural history of the court is revealed before one's very eyes. The building, which was first erected as Lietzenburg Palace for Queen Sophie Charlotte, was renamed Charlottenburg after her death. Numerous extensions and exceptional structures such as the Orangery, the New Wing, the Belvedere, the Mausoleum with the sarcophagus of the beloved Queen Luise, or the New Pavilion by Schinkel further heightened the importance and beauty of the complex. Peter Joseph Lenné transformed the already very natural and multi-facetted park into an exemplary landscape garden. Here too, the Second World War left behind scars, but much could be restored.

48 pages with 36 mostly colored illustrations
Dimensions: 12 x 17 cm
- flap booklet
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